Fun at the Farmer’s Market+ Purple Radish Salad

Taking a trip to the farmer’s market always makes me feel like a kid in mother nature’s candy store. The beautiful bounty of greens, colorful veggies and locally-made treats never cease to excite me. Living in NYC you get to experience multiple culinary adventures, and with so many local markets around it’s easy to get lost in discovery. One of my favorite markets is of course the Union Square Greenmarket, which is a staple in the city. With summer in full swing I wanted to try a new salad recipe and decided to stroll through the market for inspiration. Wow.. what a culinary adventure indeed!
Besides finding so many new treats, it feels good to support local farmers who dedicate their lives to growing nourishing foods that feed the planet. I feel so much more connected to the earth and mindful of how my food is grown and how it affects my body, gut microbiome and ultimately the planet’s ecosystem. The strawberries for example, are so much juicer and more nutrient dense because they are in season. The bland-tasting berries shelved at the grocery store (that traveled miles upon miles creating tons of carbon foot prints) don’t even compare in taste to the ruby-red gems from our local farms.

Walking through the rainbow of veggies and fruits, I fell in love with these gorgeous purple radishes (a natural work of art), sugar snap peas, nasturtium, sweet strawberries and arugula. A recipe is only as good as its ingredients so while it’s a simple salad, it packs a punch of flavor, lots of gut-friendly fiber and amazing antioxidants. I hope this will inspire you to take a trip to your local farmer’s market and have fun with your own culinary adventure!

Happy & Healthy Cravings! 🙂

1 purple radish, sliced thinly
2 cups arugula
1/4 cup shelled sugar snap peas (I eat the skins because they are so yummy)
2-3 thinly sliced strawberries
4 nasturtium (edible flowers)
1 small head of romaine
shaved skinless cucumber curls
extra virgin olive oil
juice and zest of 1 lemon
1/4 tsp pink Himalayn salt

Arrange the romaine leaves on a plate as if you are fanning them out. Place arugula in the center and arrange purple radish slices in a circle. Place strawberries around radishes, sprinkle peas over salad, and arrange curled cucumber slices (I used a vegetable peeler to get the shavings) and nasturtium as you wish. (see above pic for inspiration)

2 Tbsp olive oil
fresh lemon juice
lemon zest
pinch of pink Himalayan salt
whisk all ingredients together and drizzle over salad.


Man hospitalised after carrot joke backfires at Cornish pasty club.

cornish news carrot

A man was in hospital last night after he was attacked with a carrot during a pasty club meeting in Cornwall.

The Penponds Pasty Club, near Camborne was holding its first ever exclusive pasty night when a fight broke out between two members.

Michael Barnicoat, of Fore Street Camborne was attending the club when the incident happened, he said “Hellup there was! Dave Vincent was doing a demonstration on pasties when his phone went off. Everyone burst out laughing and Dave got a bit embarrassed, so he took his phone in the toilet. Funny thing was, it was Terry Pascoe, calling Dave from the back of the room pretending to be someone from the bank. When Dave went to the toilet to answer his phone, Terry pulled a carrot out his pocket, walked up to the front of the room and dropped the carrot in Dave’s half made pasty. Of course, everyone burst out laughing and Dave must of heard them through his phone. He stuck his head out the loo door, saw Terry and was fuming! He grabbed the carrot, stormed over and shouted “I’ll give you bleddy carrot!” Pulled Terry’s jogging bottoms down and rammed the carrot right up his ass! Terry yelped out like a dog with trapped nuts and dropped to the floor like a sack of tatties.”

It happened so quick, the room went quiet and nobody knew what to do. Dave stormed out the club and we haven’t seen him since!”

Club members eventually called an ambulance and he was stretchered off, face down with a tea towel covering the carrot.

Chairman Mark Mitchell said “Well, we weren’t expecting that. It was our first ever pasty club and we think it’ll be the last. The meet is cancelled until further notice. It’s a shame really as we had a great turn out, twelve people on the first night was the biggest crowd the village has ever seen. Terry was out of hospital this morning. I feel a bit sorry for him, as everyone’s been teasing him with carrot jokes and someone even said he looked a bit orange.”

instant biryani recipe | instant veg biryani | easy vegetable biryani

instant biryani recipe | instant veg biryani | easy vegetable biryani with detailed photo and video recipe. traditionally biryani recipes are prepared with either dum style of cooking or cooking the rice and biryani curry together in a pot. but this recipe is very similar to a fried rice or pulav where cooked rice or leftover rice is mixed with biryani paste.
easy vegetable biryaniinstant biryani recipe | instant veg biryani | easy vegetable biryani with step by step photo and video recipe. this recipe of instant biryani is for those who has a strong craving for veg biryani but does not have all the time to prepare it. undoubtedly, there is no other rice recipe compared to traditional vegetable dum biryani. but the preparation can be time consuming and tiring too. well the solution is this instant biryani recipe.

on the other day i was finalising my menu for my party and i was planning to order few curries through a caterer. but there was this new fast food indian restaurant which opened recently and my husband asked to give a try. so we went to this place and ordered veg biryani as a trail. basically he has a open kitchen and started to prepare the vegetable biryani by sauteing the vegetables. i was always under the impression that biryani’s are always pre cooked in restaurants and preheat them before serving. but this was totally new and i really liked the concept and i had already planned to post the instant veg biryani with a video.

some important tips and suggestions for a perfect and tasty instant easy vegetable biryani recipe. firstly, chop the veggies comparatively smaller in size so that it is easy and fast to cook in a pan. you can also add frozen veggies like beans, cauliflower and peas. secondly, biryani powder is very critical in this recipe and it has to be fresh and aromatic. i have used my homemade biryani powder, but if you are planning store bought make sure to check the expiry date. lastly, i highly recommend to use biryani rice or basamati rice for this recipe. sona masuri or daily eatable rice is not recommended!

finally i would like to highlight my other biryani rice recipes collection with this post of easy instant biryani recipe. it includes, veg dum biryani, potato biryani, paneer biryani, soya chunks biryani, biryani in cooker, student biryani, bhindi ka salan and mirchi ka salan recipe. in addition i would like to highlight my other recipes collection like,

instant biryani recipe | instant veg biryani:

recipe card for easy instant veg biryani:

3.38 from 8 votes
instant biryani recipe | instant veg biryani | easy vegetable biryani
easy instant biryani recipe | instant veg biryani | easy vegetable biryani
Ingredients (1 cup = 255 ML)
  • 1 tbsp ghee / clarified butter
  • 1 bay leaf / tej patta
  • ¼ tsp shah jeera / cumin seeds
  • 1 inch cinnamon / dalchini
  • 1 star anise
  • ½ tsp ginger garlic paste
  • 1 onion finely chopped
  • ½ carrot chopped
  • 8 florets gobi / cauliflower
  • ¼ potato chopped
  • ¼ capsicum chopped
  • 3 beans chopped
  • ¼ cup curd / yogurt
  • ½ tsp kashmiri red chilli powder
  • 1 tsp biryani masala powder
  • 2 tbsp pudina / mint chopped
  • 2 tbsp coriander leaves chopped
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 2 cups cooked basmati rice
firstly, in a large kadai heat 1 tbsp ghee and saute 1 bay leaf, 1 inch cinnamon, 1 star, ¼ tsp shah jeera till turns aromatic.
further add 1 onion and saute well.
also add ½ tsp ginger garlic paste and continue to saute.
saute well making sure the vegetables are cooked well.
furthermore add ¼ cup curd, ½ tsp chilli powder, 1 tsp biryani masala powder and ½ tsp salt.
saute well making sure the spices and curd are cooked well. and also oil releases from sides.
now add 2 tbsp pudina and 2 tbsp coriander leaves.
further add 2 cups of cooked basmati rice and mix gently.
mix well making sure the rice grain doesn’t break.
finally, instant veg biryani is ready to serve along with onion-tomato raita.

how to make instant biryani recipe with step by step photo:


Beef Heart Confit With Sous Vide Beets Recipe | US Wellness Meats

It can be a challenge, though, to discover excellent recipes for organ meats. Sean Coonce of Pastured Cooking area shares this grass-fed beef heart dish that will knock your socks off.
What’s So Excellent About Beef Heart?
Beef heart is lean and high in iron. Search for sustainably raised, 100% grass-fed beef heart so you understand you’re getting the great nutrition without included hormones and antibiotics. This nutrient thick organ meat includes protein, thiamine, folate, zinc, selenium, and phosphorus as well as collagen, CoQ10, and numerous B vitamins.
Preparation Time: 24 hrs Cook Time: 18 hrs Overall Time: 42 hrs Serves: 4
PICTURE CREDIT: Beef Heart Confit With Sous Vide Beets by Sean Coonce & Suzanne Robertson of Pastured Cooking Area
Beef Heart 2 lb beef heart, cut of all ventricles 2 tbs sea salt 1 tbs black pepper 2 tsp garlic powder 2 sprigs fresh rosemary 2 sprigs fresh thyme 1 cup tallow, melted
Sous Vide Beets 3 whole big beets, stems and leaves removed 1 tbs butter
Beef Heart Season trimmed beef heart with sea salt, pepper and garlic powder. Wrap in plastic wrap and cool 24 hours. Eliminate heart from refrigerator and wash with cold water and pat dry with paper towels. Include heart, rosemary, thyme and tallow to vacuum bag and seal. Location heart in a Sous Vide preheated to 185 ° F( 85 ° C) and cook for 18 hours. Eliminate heart from Sous Vide and sear with a tbs of tallow in a skillet preheated to medium high heat. About 2 minutes per side. Slice throughout the grain and serve with beets and booked beet greens and stems braised southern design. Pour remaining fat from vacuum bag into a glass container and submerge any remaining beef heart for long term storage.
Sous Vide Beets With 90 minutes to go for the beef heart, seal beets (skin on) and butter in a vacuum bag and place in Sous Vide. Eliminate beets from Sous Vide and place in a large bowl under running water. Chop peeled beets into 1 inch cubes and season with sea salt and dried thyme.
NOTES When cutting the heart, leave the fat on as it will melt in the confit process. If you do not have a Sous Vide, just location vacuum bag in a french oven filled with water and place covered in a 185 ° F preheated oven and follow the staying directions as written.
Meet The Chef

Avocado Chicken Broccoli Rabe Summer Rolls · i am a food blog i am a food blog

One of the things I love most about summer are the long evenings that stretch out from early afternoon all the way until the sun dips behind the horizon. Here, at the height of summer, the sun sets just after 10 o’clock. Dinner time happens a little later than usual and lasts a lot longer too. We linger at the table, chatting and eating, and taking everything slow and easy, the heavy heat of the day cooling off as we make roll after roll, satiating our hunger and filling our hearts.

Summer rolls, or salad rolls (as they’re often called), happen to be a perennial favorite around our house. They’re incredibly versatile and the DIY nature of them makes them easy for everyone to customize at the table. The fillings: simply poached chicken breast, thin and crunchy julienned carrots, creamy avocado, quickly crisped broccoli rabe with garlic, and slippery rice vermicelli. Wrap every thing up in a rice paper hug and dip into a creamy almond hoisin sauce for a bite filled with varying textures and flavors combining into a perfect bite.

The broccoli rabe was definitely the hit in this mix. With its crisp and crunchy stalks and tender leaves, broccoli rabe is one of those vegetables that I never turn my nose down at. Here I simply stir-fried it with garlic, but I also love roasting it, which deepens, sweetens and caramelizes the flavors. Normally I see broccoli rabe with pasta or on pizza (which I love!) but I feel the summer roll really lets it shine. I’m looking forward to many more nights filled with these refreshing little rolls.

Avocado Chicken Broccoli Rabe Summer Rolls
makes 12 rolls
prep time: 20 minutes
active time: 40 minutes
total time: 1 hour


Almond Butter Dipping Sauce

Heat the oil in a non-stick frying pan over medium-high heat. Cook the garlic, stirring, until just brown, about 1 minute. Transfer garlic to a plate. Add the rabe and cook for 1-2 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Add a tablespoon of water to the pan, cover and cook until just tender but still crisp, about 3-5 minutes. Remove from the pan and top with the sliced garlic.

Cook the vermicelli according to the package. Drain, rinse and cool.

Mix together the ingredients for the almond butter sauce. Taste and adjust if needed.

To assemble:

Take a rice paper wrapper and completely submerge it in a bowl of hot tap water for 10-15 seconds. Place the wrapper on a plate or cutting board – it’ll continue to soften as your assembling your roll. Add fillings as desired: avocado slices, a couple slices of chicken, rabe, carrots, and a bit of vermicelli. Fold the bottom half of the wrapper up over the filling, hold the fold in place, tuck in the sides and roll tightly. Repeat as needed and enjoy immediately with the dipping sauce.

You can serve these rolls whole, but I prefer to cut them into bite size – makes them easier to pop into your mouth!

Notes: Vermicelli typical comes in 65 gram bundles. You’re looking for approximately 2-3 cups cooked vermicelli.

This post was sponsored by Andy Boy Broccoli Rabe. Check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest for more broccoli rabe recipes. Thanks for supporting I am a Food Blog!

i love doing spring rolls in the summer- they’re so easy and refreshing for dinner. i’ve never done chicken and broccoli rabe in them, but it sounds so good!

Yummy and healthy, double yay! Huzzah for light summa dinnas – thanks for sharing Steph 🙂

Ohhh man… your description of this just makes me want to invite a heap of people over and set up a DIY summer roll table!

These look wonderful and so perfect for summer!

These look so delicious and healthy. I definitely need to try the almond dipping sauce, I’ve never heard of it before but it sounds so tasty.

This looks beautiful. What a nice, light and health summer recipe. I can’t wait to try this and broccoli rabe is calling my name right now. Thanks for sharing such a great post!

These look so awesome. Loving the creative use of broccoli rabe! 🙂

I love how you describe late summer dinners! It’s picture perfect. And these rolls look all the rage 🙂

Yum!! These look so fresh and light, perfect for the Summertime. Love the almond dipping sauce too… I’m such a fan of any kind of peanut dipping sauce so I can imagine what a nice change almond would make.

Thanks for sharing Steph 🙂 Beautiful as always

This looks so refreshing and perfect for summer

We used to go to a kind of tacky kind of delightful Chinese buffet in Toronto that used to also serve sushi. We never touched the sushi and probably rightly so because they eventually switched it out for cooked chicken sushi presumably some (too many) people got sick. I imagine these are like those but done right and 50 bajillion times better 😀 😀 😀

Ooh, these rolls look delicious! I love, love, spring rolls, and absolutely must try these. <3

These summer rolls sound so delicious! I love the idea of adding some bitter contrast with the broccoli rabe. Yay!

Anything with avocado this summer, I am on board! I am also really starting to embrace broccoli rabe. Love this!

OMG Yes, I want to try it! <3 Lovely blog and pictures. Lets visit me 🙂

you do rolls like no other, my dear friend. broccoli rabe in there too? snap. i’m actually craving vegetables right now, hehe! XO

How to Draw a Radish |

Like all lessons from this category, the lesson about drawing a radish will be incredibly simple and even in some sense primary. It consists of five easy actions, each of which is as easy as possible. Really simple, however no less essential stage of the lesson on how to draw a radish.

Gluten Free Yam Gnocchi, 3 Tasty Recipes in 1Fresh Menu Planner

I am so excited with how this gluten free yam gnocchi turned out!  There will be some traditionalists out there that will curse this recipe but hear me out!  There are celiacs out there that enjoy pasta too am I right?  This recipe uses steamed yams, rice flour, an egg, and some salt and pepper.  Pretty basic recipe that can be turned into so many things!  This post showcases a tasty breakfast scramble, a gnocchi carbonara that’s cheesy and bacony, and a cinnamon dessert gnocchi covered in roasted maple apples.  It’s all healthy!!  Can you believe it??

So Heather and I have been signed up for Big Brothers Big Sisters for a little over 5 months now, and we are both having a great time with out Littles!  My little brothers name is Eric, and he wanted to learn how to cook.  On top of teaching him some knife skills (he’s 11 but actually did really well!  He didn’t cut himself!) he wanted to learn how to cook pasta.  He’s never had fresh pasta before, and gnocchi was perfect!  It’s one of those pasta dishes that takes a lot of care and attention, and Eric had a lot of fun doing it!

We made a traditional, full gluten gnocchi carbonara, but I wanted to experiment with this gluten free yam gnocchi recipe, and I am really happy with the way it turned out!  This gnocchi is definitely not the same as the traditional kind.  First off, it’s much more fragile.  There isn’t nearly as much elasticity with the gluten free yam gnocchi, so it as to be rolled carefully.  Second, I froze the gnocchi in the freezer.  This makes it easier to handle when it comes to cooking the pasta.

When cooking this gluten free yam gnocchi, make sure to not overfill the pot of boiling water.  Frozen pasta will cool down the water and turn the gnocchi gummy…..not good!  I’m also obsessed with browning the gnocchi in a pan to develop the flavor, it just tastes so much better!

The first recipe is a simple breakfast scramble with lots of healthy veggies, and two poached eggs.  It’s all about the caramelization baby!  Crispy gluten free yam gnocchi, sauteed with mushrooms, kale, and zucchini sop up the yolks of those eggs and boom, healthy addicting breakfast!  If you would like some pointers on cooking the perfect eggs, check out my Ultimate Fall Breakfast Scramble recipe!

The second course of this post is a creamy and bacony (not a word I know) gnocchi carbonara.  I mean, does it get any better than a creamy Parmesan garlic sauce, salty bacon, and bright green broccoli?  The answer is no.  Eric had the traditional gnocchi served this was and he was a huge fan!

Lets not forget dessert!  The third course is an apple cinnamon gnocchi with roasted apples.  It’s something simple that I thought worked really well with the yams.  These basically taste like beignets with apples, or gnocchi apple pie.  It doesn’t matter….It’s all delicious!

Gluten Free Yam Gnocchi Mix

  • cups
    steamed yams

  • cups
    brown rice flour

  • eggs, large

  • pinch of salt

Gnocchi Breakfast Scramble

  • cup
    gluten free yam gnocchi

  • mushrooms, sliced

  • cup
    sliced zucchini

  • cup
    baby kale

  • eggs, large

  • cup
    gluten free yam gnocchi

  • cup
    broccoli florettes

  • strips
    bacon, cooked and sliced. Keep the fat for cooking!

  • Tbsp
    grated Parmesan cheese

  • cup
    whipping cream 35%

  • clove
    garlic, sliced

Cinnamon Gnocchi with Roasted Apples

  • cup
    gluten free yam gnocchi

  • spartan apple, diced

  • Tbsp
    maple syrup

  • tsp
    ground cinnamon

  • tsp
    coconut palm sugar

  1. peel, cut, and steam the yams until easily mashed.  Mash and cool down.  Mix together with the flour, eggs and salt.  the consistency should be similar to a dough.  Transfer to a floured counter and knead to mix everything further.  This dough is a bit more fragile than traditional gnocchi dough so be careful!

  2. Cut gnocchi into even pieces and roll out thin “snakes” the thickness should be about the size of your thumb.  Cut equal sized “pillows” and transfar to a floured baking tray.  Freeze for a half hour.  To cook the gnocchi simply add to a pot of boiling salted water and cook for 2-3 minutes, or until they float to the top.  Make sure not to over fill the pot as this will cool the water and make the pasta gummy.  Gross!

Gnocchi Breakfast Scramble

  1. Cook the gnocchi in the boiling water and strain well.  Transfer to a hot pan with vegetable oil, and add all of the vegetables.  Cook until well caramelized, add in the kale, and transfer to a bowl.  Cook the eggs however you like, but poached, over easy, or sunny side up would be best.  Gotta have the yolk!

  1. Cook the gnocchi in the boiling water and strain well.  Transfer to a hot pan with the left over bacon fat and add the garlic and broccoli.  Cook until the broccoli is soft and then add in the cream and Parmesan.  Cook until the sauce thickens.  Top with crispy bacon and more cheese.  So good!

Cinnamon Gnocchi with Roasted Apples

  1. Take the cooked and strained gnocchi and add it to a hot pan with vegetable oil.  Cook until nice and caramelized and transfer to a bowl for tossing.  Add in the cinnamon and coconut palm sugar and set aside.  Add the diced apples to the pan with the maple syrup, and a Tbsp of water.  Cook until the apples are soft and the sauce is nice and sticky.  Top the gnocchi with the apples and dig in!

  1. Swati Saxena says:

    breakfast scramble, a gnocchi carbonara, and a cinnamon dessert gnocchi covered in roasted maple apples.All of these recipes are outstanding.

  2. Sara says:

    I can’t decide which to try first! They all look wonderful! I can’t wait to try your recipes!

  3. Kitty says:

    Oh wow! Gnocchi three ways! I’m not sure I can choose just one! Never thought of eating gnocchi for breakfast, so that seems like a fun place to start.

Eating Salad Every Day Keeps Brains 11 Years Younger and Prevents Dementia, Study Shows

Trade the ginkgo biloba for a bag of spinach during your next stop at the store: leafy greens may be your best resource for boosting memory.

GettyImages-457715432 Eating a salad every day could help keep your brain young. KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/Getty Images

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In the quest to remain young, many have turned to supplements such as fish oil and vitamin B12 to stave off dementia or simply remember where we put the car keys. And with population projections indicating an increase in Alzheimer’s disease across the world, researchers are looking for ways to prevent cognitive decline, and a possible health crisis. The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that 16 million people could have the disease by 2050.

Nutritional epidemiologist Martha Clare Morris and her team at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago found that people who ate one to two servings of leafy green vegetables each day experienced fewer memory problems and cognitive decline compared to people who rarely ate spinach. In fact, Morris estimates that veggie lovers who included about 1.3 servings a day into their diets had brains that were roughly 11 years younger compared to those who consumed the least amount of foods like spinach or kale.

For the study, 960 people, all between 58 and 99 years old and without dementia, completed questionnaires about their dietary habits over the course of nearly five years. Questions included assessments of how often people consumed spinach, salad, and kale, collards, or other greens. Participants also took yearly thinking and memory skill tests to gauge cognitive ability.

A post shared by Danielle Rancourt, MS, RD, LD (@dani_the_rd) on

Then researchers divided subjects into groups depending on their consumption. Those who ate the most leafy greens averaged about 1.3 servings per day, while those who consumed the fewest greens averaged 0.1 servings a day. Scientists followed up with participants for 10 years and discovered that the rate of decline for those who ate the most was the equivalent to being 11 years younger in terms of brain age.

But it’s not just leafy greens that could potentially keep our memories alive. According to Morris, the nutrients found in these vegetables that may be responsible for the brain boosting benefits are found in other food sources, too.

“Some of the nutrients already have excellent scientific evidence, such as vitamin E, a potent antioxidant which has been demonstrated in carefully controlled animal models to protect against neuron loss, oxidative stress and inflammation, and the accumulation of amyloid plaques,” she told Newsweek in an email. “Other of the nutrients are newly identified.” She cites nitrate, vitamin K and kaempferol as potential contributors to brain health that warrant further examination.

Because this study was observational, the data provide no concrete evidence of a causal relationship between spinach and brain health. For now, the connection is only a correlation, and does not extend to younger or nonwhite or Hispanic people. But adding a serving of spinach into your diet is never a bad idea.

“Daily consumption of leafy greens may be a simple and effective way to protect against loss in memory and other cognitive abilities,” said Morris.

Morris’ research used one half cup of cooked spinach as a single serving, which would have about 3.35 milligrams of vitamin E, according to the Harvard School of Public Health. Other good sources of the nutrient include almonds and some oils, like sunflower and safflower.

Quinoa Salad with Roasted Beets, Fennel and Fried Goat Cheese|Food for My Family

A dish for a market-inspired salad with baby arugula, fresh herbs, fennel, quinoa, roasted golden beets all topped with exuding balls of fried goat cheese.
Quinoa Salad with Roasted Beets, Fennel and Fried Goat Cheese recipe|
We approach the marketplace tentatively in the fall. The number of suppliers dwindles weekly, and it’s tough to know when to anticipate them to disappear completely until spring. The sun shining, the air far warmer than is normal or anticipated for November, we roamed through the aisles, and we were not disappointed. I happily show up long before the market is dynamic in the spring, intending to score ramps and morels and some overwintered root vegetables. In the fall, I stick around, and I rejoice as farmers set out late season arugula, spinach, and bunches of tiny, lively radishes– a return from those chilled spring days.
Quinoa Salad with Roasted Beets, Fennel and Fried Goat Cheese recipe

You have to roast beets and prepare quinoa, which aren’t the quickest of jobs. However, this can be succeeded ahead of time. If you are inspired to spend a few hours on meal prep over the weekend, these can sit and wait a few
days in the fridge for you up until you’re prepared to
toss them completely into a fast salad one night, frying up the goat cheese just prior to serving. In the end, all of it comes together into a fresh and

earthy mix of fall.

Quinoa Salad

with Roasted Beets, Fennel and Fried Goat Cheese Extra Time: 1 hour 39 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 55 minutes Active ingredients Directions © Shaina Olmanson Classification: Salad Apple Crumble Pie Pleasure Food Sunlight Pesto and Burrata Stuffed Acorn Squash by Vintage Mixer Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Muffins by Letty’s Cooking area Autumn Apple and Kale Salad with Parmesan and Roasted Pumpkin Seeds by Simple Bites Cheesy Pesto Vegetarian Spaghetti Squash Boats by Taste the Moments
Maple Spiced Winter Veggie and Kale Bowl by Drifting Kitchen Area” width=”690″ height=”460″ srcset=” 690w,×200.jpg 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 690px) 100vw, 690px”>

This salad looks so tasty– I enjoy everything you’ve got in here!

And fried goat cheese balls? I require to try that! Next month our Farmers market goes down to simply once a month. I’lll be so sad then! This salad is just beautiful and I’m caring that goat cheese!

Taking a little time to plan in advance is absolutely worth it for a tasty meal like this! I initially tried fennel a few years back and was hooked!

This looks amazing and a double YES to fried goat cheese!!

I need more fried cheese balls in my life. I’m maintaining the beets and quinoa (caring red), however more cheese, please.

Caring everything about this salad. Particularly those cheese balls! I wager the rice flour gives them a minor crunch– can’t wait to try!

LOVE LOVE Goat cheese constantly deal with to eat.

when I saw “Fried Goat Cheese” I had to have a look and delighted that I did and like the roasted beets, love them in the tian too, in addition to arugula, so thank you for this too!

Terrific food for the household weekend. I will do this week.

Simply with the easy method I could have had a great meal to consume. Thank you for sharing the way.

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Baked Broccoli Cauliflower Veggie Tots – Veggies Don’t Bite

Get your kids in the kitchen with these broccoli cauliflower tots. They are super simple, easy to put together and have few ingredients!

We all struggle with kids and veggies, at least one of our angels has what I call a “moody palate.” If you don’t have this issue, then consider yourself lucky. But for the rest of us, we need to make sure our veggie game is strong.

Veggie Tots: Getting Veggies Into Kids

I figure my best strategy when it comes to the littlest monster, is give them the veggie in the form they like best. For him, it’s tots.

Since kids are so simple, you need to make sure you don’t over spice things, veggies in particular. Exposing them to the natural flavors that most veggies bring is a good thing, especially those that are mild in flavor.

When it comes to veggie choice you also need to make sure the flavor is on point, which is why Earthbound Farm Organic is my fave brand. Back when I visited the actual Earthbound farm in northern California, I was able to taste their produce straight from the ground. And it was incredible.

Quality really does make a difference. The last thing I need is for my kids to reject their veggies without knowing the true flavor they can have. And I love that Earthbound has such a wide selection.

Huge bonus, is that they have all of their awesome veggies in frozen form too! We use both fresh and frozen veggies, depending on what we are making. For these broccoli cauliflower veggie tots, I used the fresh form but the great thing is that the frozen form works too!

What are tater tots made of?

Traditionally, tater tots are potato based. But it’s really easy to add in other veggies without altering the flavor or texture too much.

Our favorite go-to veggies for veggie tots:

Are broccoli tots good for you?

The love affair I have with broccoli tots runs deep. I’m not always a fan of “kid food” due to how unhealthy it can be, but this kid food turned veggie vessel has me all sorts of heart emojis.

Here is why I love them:

Food Waste Solutions

I love when I figure out ways to get the most bang out of my buck when it comes to veggies. Ultimately this means no wasting.

These broccoli cauliflower tots are ideal, because the heads go into the tots and the stems become delish little rounds and sticks that you can dip into anything from ketchup (or is it catsup?) to creamy chive dip!

Subbing different veggies

Another great way to reduce food waste is to use up what you have. Veggie tots are perfect for this because it’s super easy to customize them.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you need to stick to the same veggie/potato/breadcrumb ratio. You also want to make sure your veggies aren’t too watery.

Here are some of our favorite subs:

The options really can go on and on. If you happen to get a mixture that feels a little too wet, then you can always add some breadcrumbs to suck up the moisture

Can I eat the whole broccoli?

Broccoli is one of our favorite veggies and a huge reason why is that I am able to use the entire thing and waste nothing!

Here is how we use our broccoli:

Making Broccoli Cauliflower Tots

My kids help me make these all the time. They are simple, without a lot of ingredients or steps. Involving kids in the process helps them feel empowered with food and they are more likely to eat it!

Also, teaching them how to cook in an earth friendly way teaches them creativity in the kitchen and helps them understand how their choices affect our environment.

Here is how simple it is to make these broccoli cauliflower tots:

You can make the dip while they are baking. Or the night before if you’re super on top of it. Texture is on point!

Vegan Sour Cream and Chive Dip

In our house, every tot needs a dip. Really, what doesn’t need a dip? Basically, dip is life.

Here’s what the boys and I threw together, it’s a vegan sour cream and chive type dip. A bit of a cousin to the vegan ranch we eat weekly.

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45 mins

Get your kids in the kitchen with these broccoli cauliflower tots. They are super simple, easy to put together and have few ingredients!

Course: Appetizer, Main Course, Side Dish, Snack
Keyword: Easy kid recipes, Veggie tater tots
  • 1 cup chopped broccoli , save the stems for baked sticks or rounds
  • 1 cup chopped cauliflower , save the stems for baked sticks or rounds
  • ½ cup potato , about 1 medium peeled potato
  • ½ cup white beans
  • ½ cup breadcrumbs
  • 1 teaspoon minced onion
  • ¾ teaspoon sea salt
  • ¼ teaspoon ground black pepper
Creamy Chive Dip:
Preheat the oven to 400 F/ 205 C

Boil potato for about 6-8 minutes, until just able to put fork in it. Blanch broccoli and cauliflower by dropping them in the boiling water for about a minute.

You could also cook the potato in the microwave, and blanch the broccoli and cauliflower. Or cook them all in the microwave. See notes for instructions on using frozen veggies.

While this is cooking, cut the stems of the cauliflower and broccoli into sticks or rounds. Mix with a drizzle of olive oil, dash of sea salt and black pepper. Put on a parchment lined cookie sheet and set aside.

Strain the potato, broccoli and cauliflower and put in a food processor with the other ingredients.

Pulse until mixture is crumbly and sticks together.
Form into tot shapes. I used about a heaping tablespoon for each.
Bake on a parchment lined cookie sheet for 30-35 minutes, or until the edges are browning.
Also put the cookie sheet with the stems in the oven at the same time. Bake these for about 20 minutes, or until you get the texture you like.
While baking, make the dip by putting all ingredients except the chives into a blender and blending until nice and smooth. Add in the chives and pulse to incorporate.
When the tots and stems are done. Serve with the dip!
Recipe Notes

Tips to prep ahead:

Nutrition Facts
Baked Broccoli Cauliflower Tots and Creamy Chive Dip
Iron 5.4%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.