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@OlgaKlimchik Hi Olga! You made me dream about this dishes! I live in Berlin, was born in Ukraine and raised in Italy. I cook more frequently Italian food, but your post inspired me to prepare the borsh. I can consider it healthy if not using fat meat.

Thanks fo your effort to publish a remarkable post with a lots of photos! make sure! In case you will be in Berlin. You are really welcome!

Roasted Beets & Herb

Roasted Beets and fresh herbs are a yearly preferred dish of mine. Fresh beets from my garden make the dish simply that a lot more rewarding. Elevate the flavour with fresh herbs and you have a winning side meal any time of the year.

There are lots of ranges of beets and in this dish I used a beautiful golden beet. The intense yellow color is so quite and blended with the ruby red beet, it is art work on a plate. Since I focused on the beautiful intense yellow beet, I used a white balsamic vinegar instead of a dark balsamic. Use what you enjoy. Do not be scared to try different flavoured oils and vinegars. This changes the meal and keeps it fresh and brand-new each time.

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Prep Time:

Bake the beets for 45 Minutes to an hour depending on size of beet. Utilizing a gloved hand preferably (saves any beet discolorations from taking place) carefully peel the skin off of the beet. Using a pairing knife, cut the beets in bite sized wedges.

Egg Noodles with Tomato Herb Sauce; books & beets · Thyme for Cooking

Would you like a recipe that lets you play with food during lock-down? (For those in the U.S. I mean shelter-in-place…)

This is it – assuming that you can get eggs. Three weeks ago I was limited to a dozen eggs, but this last week quantities were back to normal.

I found the idea for this in ‘Tuscany The Beautiful, Cookbook’ a few years ago.

I was a little skeptical about how easy they would be to handle but it was a book on Italian food, after all so I made them.

It turn out they’re easy to make and one can top them with just about anything.

I normally make this as a first course but you could easily double the amounts for a main course.

The recipe calls for a small amount of flour, just to add a bit of body and stability, but you could skip the flour to avoid gluten.

You can find my other variations for toppings (as well as other egg dishes) here.

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Egg Noodles with Tomato Herb Sauce

These noodles are mainly egg, and are easy to make for a fun alternative to an omelet.

  • Author: KateLZ
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 minutes
  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Yield: 2 servings 1x
  • Category: First Course



The original recipe used 4 eggs, thus the strangely precise measurements.
It’s easier to slice the noodles, and they hold their shape best if they are not hot.

Keywords: eggs. noodles,

I know you’ve been on pins and needles (at sixes and sevens if you’re British) to see my newly organized cook book shelves….

I’m keeping these. The boxes and drawers will be moved eventually and my gardening and herb books will be moved in.

I’m getting rid of these…. Well, most of them, some will get moved.

It turns out that I’m not very good at getting rid of books. Road to hell paved with good intentions and all that.

On another note…. A few days of rain followed by a few of sunshine have given the beet field a good start.

Apparently, the rabbits don’t like this, I only saw a few nibbled leaves close to the edge.

I think they’re reserving their appetites for my potager…. Bless their hearts.

The Botanist Stuck in the Kitchen area, rummaging for beets|The Botanist in the Kitchen

Observations haltingly stream in through the web and the TV, through rushed ventures into the sparse public square, and through sometimes painful introspection. And the Canada geese, which typically irritate me with their poop and their nasty moods have ended up being cute as they sashay in sets down the roadway towards their new nests on the empty golf course. Just recently, after a run through a muddy spot of the path stamped with goose footprints and lined with wild sea beets, I remembered that I had some old beets in the fridge.

EASY Jamaican Jerk Seasoning Recipe | Sweet Peas & Saffron

Bring some new flavors to the dinner table with this simple Jamaican jerk seasoning. It’s slightly spicy, sweet, and perfect for chicken, shrimp, beef or even vegetables! 

It’s amazing how much flavor you can get from simple pantry spices. Some of my family’s favorite spice blends include homemade fajita seasoning, Greek seasoning blend, and this Jamaican jerk seasoning.

While we love a good traditional Jamaican jerk recipe, sometimes we don’t have time to dig out the food processor and deal with handling spicy scotch bonnet peppers.

This Jamaican jerk seasoning simplifies the process immensely: with a few simple pantry spices, we get those delicious jerk flavors: warm spice flavors from the allspice and thyme, a spicy kick from the cayenne and a subtle sweetness from the brown sugar…it all goes so so well together.

Just a few shakes onto your chicken, shrimp, beef or vegetables, and you get those delicious jerk flavors without the hassle of the food processor.

And by making our own jerk seasoning, we are avoiding any unhealthy additives like MSG or anti-caking agents that can sometimes be found in store-bough spice blends. This spice blend is gluten-free, clean eating, vegan and paleo compliant!

Why you’ll ♡ Jamaican jerk seasoning

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How to prepare

To prep Jamaican jerk seasoning, we will combine brown sugar (or coconut sugar), thyme leaves, ground allspice, garlic powder, cinnamon, black pepper, salt and cayenne. Stir to combine. Use the seasoning right away, or store in the pantry in an air tight container for up to a year.

Recipe tips

How to use this seasoning?

I recommend tossing the protein or vegetable that you will be cooking in some olive oil and lime juice to help the seasoning stick. It’s best to rub the seasoning onto the chicken/steak with your hands so that it sticks and coats it evenly. For shrimp or vegetables, you can toss to coat a bowl.

Cook as you normally would, and serve with fresh mango if you can (the combo of jerk seasoning and fresh mango is really hard to beat!)

How much seasoning to use?

Don’t be afraid to use this seasoning aggressively. I advise using 2-3 tablespoons per pound of chicken, shrimp or steak.

(Pictured above: this Jamaican jerk seasoning used as a chicken marinade with some olive oil and lime juice)

Ways to use this seasoning

Keyword: gluten-free, grill, seasoning, vegan
Bring some new flavors to the dinner table with this simple Jamaican jerk seasoning. It’s slightly spicy, sweet, and perfect for chicken, shrimp, beef or even vegetables! 
Prep Time5 mins
Store in an airtight container for up to 1 year.
Don’t be afraid to use this seasoning aggressively! Use 2-3 tablespoons per pound of chicken, shrimp or steak.
*Don’t be afraid to use this seasoning aggressively. I advise using 2-3 tablespoons per pound of chicken, shrimp or steak.

**Fresh mango goes really well with this Jamaican jerk seasoning.

***turn this into a marinade by combining seasoning with 1 tablespoon olive oil and 1 tablespoon lime juice. Use on 1 lb of chicken breasts.


Keep in an air tight container in the pantry for up to 1 year

Serving: 1tablespoon | Calories: 17kcal | Carbohydrates: 4g | Sodium: 298mg | Potassium: 25mg | Sugar: 2g | Vitamin A: 70IU | Vitamin C: 1.7mg | Calcium: 11mg | Iron: 0.3mg

Best Vegetable Supplements (2020) | Best Vegetable Supplements

Best Vegetable Supplements

Looking for the best vegetable supplements during COVID-19? If you’ve already started your search for the best vegetable supplements, you will know that there are many types of vegetable supplements in the market and it can be tough to know where to start. However, below you will find the best-selling vegetable supplements out available to buy on Amazon right now!

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Monica Beets (Gold Rush) Wiki Biography, husband, wedding, net worth – Biography Tribune

Monica Beets Wiki Biography

Monica Beets was born in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada on 7 November 1993, so under the zodiac sign of Scorpio and holding Canadian nationality – she came into the spotlight after appearing in the “Gold Rush” reality TV series, which airs on the Discovery Channel.

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Early life and education

Monica is a daughter of Tony Beets, a successful gold miner, and Minnie Beets who is doing the books, checking payrolls, paying bills, and everything else which comes under the office job – besides Monica, the couple also has two sons named Mike and Kevin, and daughter Bianca. The entire family is working together in Tony’s Tamarack gold mine, and are all part of the “Gold Rush” show, and called the Beets Crew.

Monica attended and matriculated from a local high school in Dawson City, but is said to not have gone to college – she was apparently interested in studying medicine, but supposedly had to give up on that because of the mining business.

The career path of Monica Beets

It might be strange for a 10 year-old girl to enjoy mining, but it is true – she first started going to the mine with her father when she was still that young, and immediately felt a passion towards mining. By the time she turned 16, she was already supervising the entire mining process on her own – at the age of 18, she became the supervisor at Paradise Hill.

In the beginning, Monica was only popular amongst the miners who already knew her and were working for her and her father, however, it all changed when she started appearing in the “Gold Rush” Discovery Channel show on 17 October 2014. The series showed the atmosphere and the everyday life of people who are searching for gold in the northern part of Canada.

“Gold Rush” TV series

The “Gold Rush” TV series started out as “Gold Rush: Alaska” on 3 December 2010, airing on the Discovery Channel and is shown all around the world – it follows the lives of the gold miners and their families in Canada. Tony Beets and his daughter Monica started appearing in the show in its second season, and they have been part of it to this day – “Gold Rush” currently counts nine seasons and a total of 202 episodes, with each episode being 45 minutes long.

Who is Tony Beets? Monica’s father

Tony was born in Netherlands on 15 December 1959,  and left Netherlands when he was nearly 30 years old and settled in Canada – he began working at Paradise Hill, and soon founded his own gold mining company called Tamarack Mine. There was not a lot of talk about Tony until he became featured in the “Gold Rush” show.

Tony lived on a farm, and had a rather tough childhood as he had to work and support his father Klaus after he became disabled – Klaus later died due to physical problems. Things were not easy for Tony and his mother Magda, but he worked hard and provided as much as he could with what he knew how to do.

While he is leading quite a steady life, not everything is always perfect – in 2015 Tony was charged with violating the Territory’s Walters Act. During one of the episodes which aired in February 2015, Tony’s team filled a dredge pond with gasoline and lit it up – they were all charged for doing so, and had to pay a fine of $31,000.

Happy Birthday to the most amazing father and role model a girl could have! I love you daddy 🎁❤️🎊🎈🎉 pic.twitter.com/PqQ1DFmvno

— Monica Beets (@monicabeets) December 15, 2014

Personal life and relationships

Monica is quite secretive when it comes to her love affairs – she always seems to be focused on business, and pretended not to have time for a boyfriend. Although it has not been confirmed by either of them, Monica was rumored to have been going out with Brandon Harper, one of the miners from their team. She is also said to be the crush of Parker Schnabel, another team member, but it seems that nothing has ever happened between the two.

Judging by her Instagram account, Monica is now happily married to Taylor Mayes – the two exchanged their wedding vows on 11 August 2018, with their wedding was also shown in the episode of “Gold Rush” which aired in January 2019.

Likes and other interests

Monica is a real animal lover, and has a dog who she named Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein. She is quite fond of travelling and would like to travel around the world some day, but it is currently out of her reach as she is too busy both personally and professionally.

Appearance and net worth

Monica is currently 25 years old. She has long brown hair and green eyes, is 5ft 4in (1.62m) tall and weighs around 130lb (59kg).

According to authoritative sources, Monica’s current net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, while her father’s net worth is estimated to be over $15 million.

Social media presence

Monica is quite active on several social media platforms – she launched her Twitter account in November 2009, and has so far gathered over 41,000 followers, and tweeted more than 1,200 times. Her Instagram account is followed by nearly 54,000 people while she’s uploaded over 360 pictures – she has a Facebook page as well which is followed by more than 130,000 people.

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@Austinelewex oh sure beets are truly good and offered in Nigeria. I make sure you have actually seen them in the market but didn’t take note because it kinda looks like Ede (cocoyam) as they both have brown backs. @OlgaKlimchik Beets are actually great and healthy, i have attempted them a couple of times in salad and white sauce (it turned the sauce to pink ). Do you also understand that it is normally suggested for individuals with high BP as it assists lower their blood pressure. Some people also use it as a lip balm due to the fact that they think it will make their lips pink and supple. @OlgaKlimchik your salad looks great and thanks for sharing the recipes I’ll absolutely attempt it out.