Spicy TOKARA Shiraz is a slam dunk for autumn beets

Cooler weather calls for a hot Shiraz with hearty root vegetables and succulent meat meals.”Shiraz is one of those ranges that shows smoother, rounder textures on the taste buds than the traditional Bordeaux cultivars.
Family dishes, treasure ingredients and memories conjured up by food, are the heart of Chef Carolize’s cooking.
TOKARA Shiraz is readily available at a cellar door price of R125.
800g coarse salt
3 egg whites from extra-large eggs
500g cake flour
250ml water


Preheat the oven to 180C
Mix the salt & & flour together in a food mill up until fine.
In a mixer with a dough hook, blend the flour mixture with the egg whites and water until a dough is formed.
Wash and dry the unpeeled beetroot.
Roll out the dough until 5mm in density. Cut into big adequate pieces and twist around each whole beetroot.
Bake for 1 hour.
Get rid of from oven & & cool a little.
Break open the dough & & eliminate the beetroot. Dispose of the baked dough.
Peel the beetroot, then rinse & & dry with paper towel.
Cool & & slice the staying beetroot thinly.


Chef Carolize tops hers with raspberry, fennel, toasted walnuts & & celery.

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