Bears, Beets, and Babies: See This Mom’s Disney, Harry Potter, and The Office Pregnancy Photos

New mommy Grace Navarro is a fangirl through and through, which is why she chose to keep track of her pregnancy with weekly image updates motivated by her favorite fandoms: Harry Potter, Disney, and! Grace, a material developer from Orlando, FL, employed her spouse Brennan Horine’s photography skills to snap the adorable pictures, which tracked the development of her infant from week 14 to week 38. That’s comparable to growing from the size of a Schrute Farms beet to the size of Moaning Myrtle’s preferred toilet seat – and both Dwight and Myrtle would be so proud.

” I believe individuals appreciated the tough work and creativity behind them.”

” When I got pregnant, I knew I wished to in some way track my growing bump, but I wasn’t sure what that would appear like in the beginning,” Grace informed POPSUGAR by means of e-mail. “I downloaded a bunch of apps that would tell me what my infant’s size was that week, and one day I saw that the veggie for the week was a beet. As a big The Workplace fan, I right away believed of Dwight, and decided to create a development photo for the week dressed as him. At that time, my intention wasn’t to continue doing them, it was simply a one time thing! Then the reaction was huge, individuals LOVED them and asked me to continue to do them, so that’s when it all started!”

Each picture took a significant quantity of preparation that led to some genuinely sweet and amusing photos of Grace dressed as Jim Halpert holding a stapler in Jell-O (week 30), Grace as Rapunzel holding her infamous fry pan (week 27), Grace as Luna Lovegood with a copy of The Quibbler (week 36), and more. After becoming part of numerous creative outfits, Charlotte “Charlie” Grace Navarro Horine was born via C-section on Nov. 21, 2019 and weighed 6 pounds 10 ounces, about the size of Hedwig, for anyone keeping track. “Family and friends liked the updates; they were the ones that asked for me to continue after the very first one and they waited each week patiently for me to post them,” Grace stated. “I believe people appreciated the tough work and creativity behind them.”

See all of Grace’s hilariously adorable pregnancy images ahead, and scroll through to the end to see baby Charlie star in her own mini image shoot!

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