Beets with Tahini– Oven-Dried Tomatoes

I had supper at Zahav in Philadelphia just recently. It’s a preferred Israeli dining establishment with lots of praise and awards. It was a wonderful meal with great deals of small veggie appetisers, some scrumptious hummus tahini, and excellent lamb shoulder and chicken (the dessert on the other hand was not precisely my cup of tea). What really stood apart for me, way more than the meat courses, where all the remarkable veggie meals. These consisted of hot roasted eggplant, tart napa cabbage salad, pickled persimmon salad, roasted cauliflower and this exceptional beet dish (I make certain I am forgetting a couple of too).

Given that I currently had the Zahav cookbook on my shelve I took an appearance in it to see if the beet dish is there and certainly it was. Beets are absolutely a dividing line meal. So numerous individuals hate them. Others love them. I’m definitely in the 2nd camp of individuals. I’ll eat them almost any which way. I even like those canned ones in salads. Back to this simple recipe. I learned the worth of salt roasting the beets here.

Usually I would cover the beets in foil and simply roast them. This works terrific but the shredded beets in this dish had an absolutely different texture. They were completely cooked, a bit dry but also had a great mild crunch. Salt roasting is the answer. Solomonov (the chef/owner of Zahav) buries the beets in kosher salt and roasts them. This wicks away moisture, focuses the taste and obviously cooks the beets. They can be then peeled and grated to shreds without getting mushy or losing their texture.

Sure it takes some time to get the beets prepared, but after that the rest is extremely fast. The shredded beets are tossed with tahini paste, lemon juice, garlic, mint, cumin and dill. I served it at first with some more dishes from the Zahav book consisting of the onion marinaded chicken skewers and the kale apple salad. The best part is that this stuff keeps quite well and tastes amazing for days with crispy pita chips.

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