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This sauteed radish recipe absolutely transforms the sharp spicy flavors of radishes into a buttery, soft, and subtle side dish that even kids will love. And it does it with only 4 ingredients. If you think you don’t like radishes, you need to try this recipe!

Silas is 4.5 years old and a kind of picky eater. While he will inhale cherry tomatoes and peas and any fruit that moves slower than him, his overall veggie intake is … lackluster. I am constantly trying to get new foods into him. So his new found obsession with watching Doozers on Hulu and their constant talk of radishes led me back to sauteed radishes, a forgotten way of turning radishes into a dish that even Silas loves.

And yes Doozers is the animated reincarnation of Fraggle Rock. For those of you who were wondering. I do love having little bits of my childhood pop culture show up in Silas’ life. Although getting him hooked on the Muppets and the Swedish Chef, in particular, made Christmas shopping more difficult. You just can’t find much that is Doozer or Swedish Chef themed. Although I did find and buy this not for kids shirt Swedish Chef shirt* and bought it for myself. Don’t worry Christmas wasn’t ruined, I found some Doozer books* for Silas too.

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A new way to eat radishes

So back to the radishes. In the summer a radish straight from the dirt sliced up and sprinkled with salt is delicious. That’s probably why I had never even considered cooking them. While I enjoy the occasional spicy radish, I know many people aren’t into it, Silas included. A Sauteed radish isn’t spicy at all and instead is mellow, creamy, and delicious.

Radishes are a fast-growing root vegetable and since they travel well and don’t spoil quickly, you can find them in February in a grocery store in Wisconsin. This recipe uses the traditional small, red on the outside and white on the inside radish, but radishes can come in many shapes and colors and this recipe will work with any of them. I am really looking forward to finding some new radish types to try this summer at the farmer’s market.

Buttery Sauteed Radishes, Only 4 Ingredients

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Buttery and mild, you’ve never met a radish like this before!

1/2 tsp Pepper


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