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Caveat: Radish #2


  • My name is Jared Way. I was born in rural Far Northern California, and ended up being an “adoptive” Minnesotan. I have resided in lots of other locations: Mexico City, Philadelphia, Valdivia (Chile), Los Angeles. And for 11 years, I was an expatriate living in South Korea. In the summer season of 2018, I made another big change, and relocated to Southeast Alaska, which is my uncle’s house.
  • For lots of years I was a database developer, with a background in Linguistics and Spanish Literature. In Korea, I worked as an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) instructor.

  • In June, 2013, while I remained in Ilsan in South Korea, I was diagnosed with cancer, and went through effective treatment. That changed my life quite significantly.
  • Presently, you might say I’m “between tasks,” somewhat caretaking my uncle (to the level he tolerates that) and getting adjusted to life in rural Alaska after a lot of years as an urban occupant.
  • Generally, this blog site is a newsletter for the voices in my head. It keeps everyone on the same page: it has ended up being a sort of aide-mémoire.
  • If you’re curious about me, there is a great deal of me here. It is not something that is offered to you, or that you discover, or that you can lose, or that can be taken from you. You can pick to do joy, or not.

    I long back chose my epitaph.

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