Corned Beets and Cabbage

“May the roofing system above you never fall in and those gathered beneath it never ever fall out.” ~ Irish Saying

Things have actually been a little tight here in terms of staffing, we still attempt our best to bring some enjoyment to the chimpanzees’ lives. With today being St. Patrick’s Day, we decided to toss them a little party. On today’s menu: “corned beets” and cabbage. We roasted some beets and boiled some cabbage and potatoes.

After we cleaned up the Greenhouse, we established the celebration for the Seven. Burrito was actually into the cabbage and potatoes and walked around selecting up any the others might have dropped.

Missy on the other hand grabbed a plate for her own to delight in at her leisure.

And she made certain not to spill any of her plate even while climbing the structures. (Now that’s skill!)

Like Burrito, Negra had her own choices. She really was passionate for the beets and potatoes. She fit as many as she could in her mouth prior to going back to the Playroom.

While Jody appeared to really enjoy the cabbage Negra left.

At very first Mave was really unsure of the beets. After she offered them a try, they became her prized item for today.

When the celebrations began to wind down, everyone believed it was a great time for a nap.

Even Foxie and her doll.

So from us to you and your liked ones, have a safe and jubilant St. Patrick’s Day!

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