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Kerala vegetable stew is an aromatic, mildly spiced, creamy, veggie-packed coconut curry. It’s a simple, filling, feel-good, family-friendly stew.

It’s also (Indian) pantry-friendly and easily customizable based on what you’ve got at home. This is a great clean-out-the-fridge recipe. Don’t have a lot of veggies at home? Use what you have. I’ll sometimes make this using just potatoes + frozen veggies and it turns out well.

I’m sharing two methods to making this stew: in an instant pot, or on the stovetop. The instant pot method is really easy and takes minutes. The stovetop recipe takes longer but is a good option for those who either don’t own an IP or have the time to cook and enjoy watching a pot simmering on the stove (I like to do this on a slow weekend every now and then – it’s kinda nice).


Stew, or ishtu as it’s called in Kerala, is a type of curry made with whole spices, curry leaves and coconut milk. You can make Kerala stew using different main ingredients. I already have recipes for egg stew, chicken stew and ground meat stew on my blog. It’s about time I share this vegan version.

This south Indian Keralite stew tastes very different from my north Indian vegetable korma. Both are great vegetable-packed recipes, but this stew is meant to be a milder dish and calls for a different blend of spices which of course, gives it a different flavor profile.


This is a great way to get your family to eat their vegetables. The curry is rich and creamy, delicately spiced (for an Indian recipe, lol) and calls for kid-friendly veggies like carrots, potatoes, green beans and peas. I sneak cauliflower in there too!

My Keralite husband, Roby, says this is just like his mom’s stew, which is, of course, a huge compliment because there’s nothing like mom’s cooking. My mom-in-law does not add cauliflower to stew as that’s not a commonly found vegetable in Kerala. I really like cauliflower and find it’s a good way to get my kiddos to eat it so I add it – but it’s up to you!

This type of stew is perfect for a weekend breakfast/brunch. We’ll eat it for dinner too. You can easily adapt the vegetables according to what you have at home and it’s even better the next day.

Serve this stew with appam (lacy rice pancakes – recipe coming once I can perfect them) or matta rice. Feel free to garnish this stew with ghee-coated cashews for a fancier stew or if you’re making this on a special occasion.

Kerala Vegetable Stew (Instant Pot and Stovetop)

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Instant Pot Directions

Stovetop Directions

Feel free to garnish this stew with ghee-coated cashews for a fancier stew or if you’re making this on a special occasion.

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