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If you love Kimchi, you’ll love Kkadugi (radish kimchi). It is among my favourite Korean side meals and is actually easy to make. You can eat it immediately or leave it to ferment in the more traditional way. We rather frequently have a container of it in the refrigerator to consume alongside our supper– be it ramen, rice and curry or something else.

Kkakdugi is made with cubed daikon radish (although I believe it would work well with any type of firm, fresh radish) and is a little sweeter than the cabbage variation. Since of this, in South Korea it’s frequently the preferred option for children. When Dave was living in Seoul mentor English, his kindergarten class would have it every lunchtime on the side of whatever they were eating which is how I first discovered out about it!

Components to make one large jar of kkakdugi


Serve this radish kimchi as a side meal with roast meats, rice dishes, barbeque, practically anything you want. I likewise sometimes add it to noodles or as an accompaniment to salads and sandwiches at lunch times. Plus, when you get to completion of the container, simply like kimchi, you can utilize this as a base for a hot Korean stew like this one.

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