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Have you ever tried beets? Does this vegetable grow in your area? Can you buy it in the store?

So, if you have (or can have) beets, but don’t know what can you make of it, just read my article.

Beetroot is an ordinary and absolutely habitual vegetable in my area, but there are countries which don’t know it. I won’t say you about all recipes, there are a lot of them (you cat eat it raw or boiled, make salads, different soups, snacks, drinks, for example kvass, and even desserts), I’ll show you only the most popular dishes, which you most likely try when you come in Belarus, Russia ot Ukraine.

Caution, beets are very high-calorie product!

The most easy variant is to make a raw salad with beet, cabbage, carrots, maybe apple or garlic, if you want, with sour cream or sunflower oil. The ingredients may vary. But I recommend fresh young beets for such salads. Now it’s spring already and raw beets are not so tasty, so I didn’t make this salad now.

Making boiled beet salads is a little harder (of course, you should boil the beets first).

A simple salad which my family loves is a beetroot salad with eggs, garlic and mayonnaise.

For this salad you need:

– 1 boiled beetroot;

– a couple of boiled eggs;

– 1-3 pieces of garlic;

– cheese (if you want);

– mayonnaise.

The most famous salad from beets I think is vinaigrette. The recipe and ingredients may vary, only beetroot is necessary.

Namely because this variety of ingredients the word vinaigrette sometimes means “hash”, “all sorts of things,” “a mixture of dissimilar objects and concepts”.

So for preparing vinaigrette you shoul take:

– 2 large beets or 3 medium;

– 3-4 medium potato;

– 5-6 pickled cucumbers;

– boiled beanes or canned peas (about 250g);

– high quality vegetable oil;

– salt, pepper;

– 1 onion, sauerkraut, marinated mushrooms (if you like);

– and no vinegar!

All ingredients which should be cut are cut into cubes and all are mixed. Add salt, pepper and oil.

The next salad was one of the necessary salads for almost all tablefuls (ecpessially New Year party) together with Russian salad until recently, only last years it lost it popularity. It’s the herring in a fur coat.

For this salad you need

– 1 lightly salted herring;

– 2-3 carrots;

– 2-3 Beets of medium size;

– 2-4 chicken eggs;

– mayonnaise to taste.


1 layer – grated potatoes, greased with mayonnaise;

2 layer – herring;

3 layer – onion, mayonnaise.

4 layer – eggs, mayonnaise.

5 layer – carrots, mayonnaise.

6 layer – beets, mayonnaise.

And of course when you think about beets you can’t not remember the Borsch, the traditional Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian soup. I won’t write it’s recipe. Each housewife will prepare it in her own manner. There are plenty of recipes, you can easily choose the one you like in Internet or ask for my help.

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