Radish Health Launches At-Home Covid-19 Test Kit in New York City This Week

< blockquote class= "blockquote blockquote-- lg quote-lines qa-news-quote "> A dependable in your home screening set that can be processed quickly allows us to offer our patients the care and assurance they require in the comfort of their own home, while maintaining the health of the general

public. Past News Releases

Past News Releases

“We desired to solve the challenges of safely getting testing for COVID-19 in a timely and efficient manner,” stated Dr. Viral Patel, Creator of Radish Health “A reliable at home screening set that can be processed quickly enables us to offer our patients the care and comfort they require in the comfort of their own house, while keeping the health of the basic public.”

Members can make a visit with a Radish Health medical professional through their member website to identify if they need to be tested for COVID-19. When confirmed, the test package will be couriered to the member’s place the very same day. When the test kit is in hand, the member follows Radish’s basic guide to self collect their sample and place it into a return package. The carrier will pick up the bundle and deliver to our laboratory partner, Lenco Diagnostic Laboratory. Clients will be called with their test leads to 24-36 hours and advised if they need to continue to self-quarantine.

After a short test duration, Radish strategies to make this test set readily available to all New Yorkers at a cost of $100 (plus the cost of the laboratory which will be covered by your insurance coverage). “We plan on contributing all earnings to COVID-19 vaccine research study,” stated Dr. Patel.

Radish Health continues its efforts to offer convenient and quality client care with easy, relationship based medical services. Providing a 2 part medical care model, Radish Health partners with employers to supply care to their employees via in-office pop up clinics and virtual follow up care appointments, with the ability for an in-person home check out by a medical assistant, when required.

For more details about the Radish Health at-home COVID-19 test package, please visit our FAQ page.

About Radish Health.

Radish Health takes a fresh innovation driven perspective to client care and convenience by bringing insurance coverage covered medical check outs to the workplace, allowing employees to conserve time by seeing a medical professional in-person at their work environment first then supplying follow up care visits. Radish Health likewise uses house gos to by a medical assistant if the doctor needs more info. This mix of in-person and tele-health care further assists companies by enhancing work performance and cost savings. By developing client care through relationships first then innovation, Radish health relieves the obstacles presently seen in the tele-health area, by focusing on the patient-physician

relationship. http://www.radish.health

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