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My uncle loves radish sandwiches, pieces of crisp radish on butter-slathered bread. It’s one of those memories from youth which is burned in my memory. I never ever understood the appeal of radishes and just nibble on them sometimes. Today I got a fresh bunch of organic radishes and chose to attempt my hand at a sandwich. Although it’s not how my uncle made his sandwiches, I think my version provides a fun and healthy twist.I took a break from work today to spend a long time in the kitchen. I contemplated how I would build my sandwich while I prepped a red quinoa salad for supper tonight (more to come on that tomorrow!). I knew butter would not be a choice, so I decided to utilize a thick and creamy natural Greek yogurt as the spread (Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt). The yogurt is fat-free and thick, as thick as full-fat sour cream. I blended a tablespoon or two of the yogurt with a 1/4 teaspoon garam masala, a pinch of red pepper flakes, and a bit of lemon zest.

There is something about the spiciness of radishes that I believed would pair perfectly with the spicy, creamy yogurt. To cancel any sourness from the yogurt, I decided to use a sprinkle of dried currants. I thought about using honey or chutney however didn’t have any.

I would like to have actually utilized a good rustic white bread, however instead I used a high-fiber bread (Orowheat Double-Fiber Bread. I toasted it initially to add additional texture and flavor, then layered with lettuce and sliced radishes. I provided a generous dollop of the yogurt mix, then a spray of currants.

Frequently I find myself in a rut with the foods I consume, particularly when I’m thoroughly enjoying my diet. This sandwich is hot, tangy, and sweet. It is crispy, crunchy, and creamy. In general, it consists of a mix of textures and flavors which makes my mouth delighted. I took pleasure in the yogurt spread and found the currants to provide simply enough sweetness. I’m still not a huge fan of radishes but discovered the sandwich to be a fantastic use for them!

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