Dish by Amy White

or a pinch

of dried ginger or mustard 1 1/2 T. red or white miso or a splash of soy sauce to taste

T. rice vinegar or other vinegar cup olive oil t. sesame oil preferably the great things from an Asian grocery For the salad: big lot tat soi or other
  • tender greens radishes or baby turnips, very finely sliced green onion or green garlic, thinly sliced Guidelines Boil
  • the carrot or apple juice in a wide pot over medium-high heat, till minimized to 1/3 cup, about
  • 25 minutes( if you don’t have carrot juice, see below. *) Let the juice cool, then whisk in the staying dressing ingredients. If you like, you can wilt
  • the tat soi by steaming or microwaving for a minute or more, with just the water that
  • clings to the leaves after cleaning. Organize with the radishes and green onion, and drizzle with carrot dressing. * To make carrot juice without a juicer,

  • you can slice and boil a few carrots till they hurt, then puree them with enough water to get a smooth texture. Then you can squeeze the puree through a tidy flour sack type meal towel.
  • Lay the towel(

    • just 1 layer) inside a strainer and pour the puree in, then take up the corners of the towel and twist to make a sack with the puree inside. You should be able to squeeze the juice out gradually by twisting it tighter. Or if you have perseverance, you can leave it in the refrigerator overnight and see how much leaks out.

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