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I am trying so hard to increase how many veggies I eat. So, I created a Vegetable Lasagna Recipe that has everything I love about pasta dishes – sauce, noodles, cheese – and packs it full of the good stuff. 

Easy Vegetable Lasagna 

My husband is amazing on the grill and this vegetable lasagna is no different. Veggies take only minutes to crisp up, so this recipe is pretty simple. I even got my kids to eat a slice! 

I love choosing vegetables that are in season for this dish. Right now, I can find squash and zucchini at Farmer’s Markets, so I use those. Onions and garlic are always the best choice for huge flavor. And the eggplant is just for something a little different. Oh and Kale? Kale has SO MANY vitamins and fiber. Yes, it has a bitter taste, but if you smother it in sauce and cheese you hardly notice it! 

Is this lasagna vegetarian? 

Yes, if your method of vegetarian allows cheese, then yes this is great for vegetarians. Make sure the sauce is a veggie sauce not meat-based. Because of the cheese this doesn’t qualify as a vegan dish, however. 

Vegetable Lasagna Recipe Shopping List

Ready to make your own vegetable lasagna recipe? Here’s what you will need from the store! 

How To Perfectly Grill Veggies

My first tip for grilling amazing veggies is: do not peel your vegetables before you grill them. If you like the crispiness and flavor of the grill marks, leave the skin on. This protects the vegetables from getting burned. 

Another way to grill veggies (and both ways work great!) is to put them in a foil packet with butter and salt. They don’t come out with grill marks, but the flavor is amazing! 

What Are The Best Veggies for Vegetable Lasagna?

If you want to make a vegetarian lasagna, then pack as many veggies as you can into the dish. The more vegetables you have, the better-for-you it is! 

The best veggies for this recipe are hearty veggies like squash, eggplant, peppers and tomatoes. Add in kale, onion and garlic for the flavor. 

What is Better – Gas Or Charcoal Grill? 

This is a completely personal choice! Gas grills can controlled a lot easier. So you don’t risk burning your vegetables. They are easier to set up as well. So if you are pressed for time or a novice on the grill, you might want a gas grill. 

Charcoal grills have a completely different flavor profile. The veggies will have that campfire, smoky taste that so many people love. 

How Do You Grill Garlic?

To grill garlic cloves, keep them in the entire clove, all together. Once they are showing signs of crispiness on the outside and are softer to the touch, remove the garlic and cut off the top. Then you will have perfectly grilled cloves that you can peal and set aside. 

The last step to making the most amazing vegetarian lasagna is creating the layers and baking it! You’ll smell the aromas wafting out of the oven in no time. This is a recipe that makes you so hungry for it the entire time it is cooking. You and your family will rave about how the veggies taste and how scrumptious it all is together. 

The BEST Vegetable Lasagna Recipe

This is the best vegetarian lasagna recipe you will find! I have a printable recipe card for you so you can keep it handy at all time. 

Vegetable Lasagna Recipe
A vegetarian lasagna recipe with grilled vegetables.
1 hr 10 min

Can this be made with meat? 

If you are not a vegetarian, this can be adapted for your tastes as well! Just cut down on the amount of veggies by about 1/4 and add some ground beef or sausage. It will still taste amazing and have a ton of veggies in every bite. 

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