Top 9 Best Vegetable Choppers Reviews (UPDATED 2020) – All Time List

When making vegetable dishes, you are most likely to spend some time chopping and cutting the vegetables than the actual cooking. If you’re a busy mom who doesn’t have enough time to chop vegetables to your liking, the best vegetable choppers are what you’re looking for.

A vegetable chopper will cut half the cooking time you usually spent on making vegetable dishes. It helps to save both your time and energy. Not to mention that vegetable choppers are fun to use!

If you are planning to buy one, you might find one to take a look of our list below. Here are the top nine best vegetable choppers available in the market today:

Best Sellers of Vegetable Choppers

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1Maxam KTVC7B Vegetable Chopper with 5 quart Bowl

The Maxam vegetable chopper is reliable and versatile. Thanks to its five-quart bowl, it is ideal for serving a large family. It can also speed up the chopping chores, saving you time when cooking. The package includes the five T304 stainless steel cones—the waffler, slicer, stringer, shredder, and French fry cutter.

It has an integrated protective finger guard that you can easily remove when washing the chopper. It also has a professional three-leg suction cup base for a firm and stable grip on the table. All parts are dishwasher-safe.



2LUOER Blender, Multifunctional Food Processor, Juicer & Meat Grinder, Vegetable Chopper

Take a look at this Luoer vegetable chopper. This unit is a combination of the chopper, baby mixer, and a food chew machine. Its triple multi-function, cooking, stirring, and grinding is a must have for every kitchen enthusiast. It also offers a five-in-one function including cooking, stirring, and sterilizing the food.

You can use this device not just for cutting vegetables but also for mashing potatoes, preparing fruit juices, milkshakes, or even steaming eggs. Some parts of this vegetable chopper are detachable and are easy to clean. Because it’s made of quality plastic, it is lightweight and easy to transfer.



3TOPCHANCES Food Chopper, 200W Electric Home Full-automatic Stainless Steel Vegetable Chopper

The TopChances vegetable chopper is ideal for chopping high fiber vegetables such as celery, bamboo shoots, leeks, asparagus, and shallot.

You can also use this for rhizome vegetables such as potatoes, garlic, pumpkin, and melon. It’s easy to operate and has a full tray to catch the chopped vegetables.

Its powerful chopper motor is reliable and ideal for busy kitchens. You can adjust the thickness of the chopped vegetables the way you want to.

Some parts of the unit are detachable and easy to clean. It is made of stainless steel and food grade ABS material. Included in the package are the vegetable chopper and three-hole knives.



4Vollrath Redco 15007 Vegetable Chopper

The Vollrath Redco vegetable chopper makes any kitchen work easier and faster. This 3.5 chopper has a 3-1/2 square cutting surface, making it ideal for those who love preparing vegetable salads.

The unit can generate perfectly cut fruits and vegetables, allowing you to speed up the cooking time. It helps to save both your time and energy in the long run.

Aside from that, this vegetable chopper is NSF listed. It has been manufactured under strict guidelines to ensure the safety of the user. The vegetable chopper has an aluminum base to ensure stability while chopping the vegetables in process.



5Nemco 56500-6 Easy Chopper Ii, Vegetable Chopper

The Nemco Slice Easy Chopper features a sturdy design, and it’s easy to use. This veggie chopper is designed for cutting peppers, mushrooms, onions, and other vegetables. Thanks to its quality construction, rest assured that this unit can last for years to come.

Aside from that, the vegetable chopper is easy to clean. Washing it after every use is made possible by its compact and lightweight design. It can speed up the cutting time you spend when preparing vegetable dishes.

One good thing about this vegetable chopper is that the manufacturer offers replacement parts. In that way, you don’t need to buy a brand new vegetable chopper once it gets damaged.



6[Electopia] Garlic Peeler (+Crusher+Mixer) & Automatic Vegetable Chopper VC-100S 220V

The Electopia electric vegetable chopper offers three functions in just one unit: garlic peeling, vegetable chopping, and mixing. This unit is ideal for those who are keen about hygiene because the primary body is located on the container.

You can easily wash and clean the container after every use. Aside from that, this vegetable chopper is easy to install and easy to use. Even a teenager without a kitchen background can use this with ease.

This unit will save your time and energy in the long run. You can peel, chop, and mix a large amount of garlic without spending too much time.

Aside from that, it is made of quality materials and robust. With proper use and maintenance, rest assured that this vegetable chopper can last for a long time.



7Spiralfix Spiral Cutte, TOPCHANCES Multifunction 4-in-1 Vegetable Hand Rotary Grater Shredder

The TopChances vegetable hand rotary chopper is your best friend in the kitchen. You can remove the blade and clean it after every use. Or you can buy replacement blades once it starts rusting. The premium high-grade medical stainless steel blade, semi-circular, and fast-slicing is excellent for slicing lemons.

It is made of high-quality ABS material. It can resist rust and corrosion, has good low-temperature impact resistance, has mechanical properties, and can even maintain stability while on the operation. You can also control the thickness of the vegetable that you’re slicing.

Adjustment is from one to eight mm, making it more convenient. There is a bottom suction cup of the machine that can hold onto the table and secure it properly. You can manually handle and let the unit do the work of chopping vegetables.



8FAMILY GRAIN MILL Electric Motor Base for Slicer Shredder

The Family Grain Mill is powered by a robust small motor drive. It’s versatile and easy to use. You can drive the attachments including the grain mill, electric slicer shredder, and flaker mill to chop some vegetables.

Aside from being dominant, it works in a silent operation. The unit can keep your vegetables in cold temperature, as to not dissipate the nutrients from it. The 110-volt 150-watt power motor electric mill base can run at 120 RPM when loaded.

This unit is made of BPA-free materials. An integrated stand mixer can be used for commercial purposes. Aside from that, its compact design makes it easier to carry and transfer.

There are no complicated parts that you need to learn about. All you need to do is twist the wrist, set it up, and store the grain flaker attachment. That’s it, and you’re ready to grind some vegetables.



9Multi-function electric veggie chopper with large container

Lastly, we have the Vegetable Chopper multi-function electric veggie chopper. Now you can eliminate the messy and time-consuming vegetable chopping using a knife.

Let this machine shred, slice, dice, and ground even meat for you. All the sliced vegetables can be put directly into a 1.4L container without having to stain your cutting board.

Aside from that, it is easy to operate. Just choose among slow gear, fast gear, or click gear, depending on what you are planning to prepare. Also, the top cover and container feature a buckle that provides double security protection.

Once all buckles are fastened, the vegetable chopper can operate smoothly. Its pure copper kinetic energy motor with 500W high power consumes low energy.



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