What to do about shrews that eat the beets – Blogs & Forums

This happened yeas ago and DH finally decided to give it another shot this year.  We couldn’t even tell they were making lunch out of the beets, the tops never showed a hint.  Then when it came to harvest them, what a shock.  All were half eaten.  

Buy your beets and grow something eye level  LOL

Had to look up Shrew b/c I don’t hear about them here…..they have nasty teeth….and living below ground i.e., moles……don’t think you have a chance with garden growing beets.  How about container growing?

Didn’t think a shrew would eat a beet.  Could it be something else?

ETA. In general you need to go down far enough with a strong wire mesh to deter critters.  And high enough to keep out deer.   But once it is all in place should be good for a long time.  A battle to the death.  Also need to consider traps 😫

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